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Sealife Centre
Took a trip to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham and managed to capture this.

I've called it human...nature. A great way to see the two connect.

Just a bit of fun
Me being me today, decided to create a bit of fun. so here's my moment of creation. got to admit you smile when you see this.

Photographing Weddings....erm not for me but......
I can confidently say that I leave photographing weddings to the experts..not to imply I cannot take a good picture..but there are people who are at the top of their game. So all the best and I wish them the best of luck........However I was recently asked to document through photographs a recent wedding evening. It was actually some commercial work as the client wanted to show the venue during the evening and into the night. My good friend, top photographer, competitor and thinks hes a comedian ;) Daniel Bownes also joined along to help out. Click Daniels name to link to his site...

So here is a couple of links to some of the shots I produced,there is some work from other photographers mainly Wedding photographers (their links are on the photographs). My shots are generally of the evening.

The Fairlawns at Aldridge is an awesome venue with super friendly staff ..if you don't believe me, go see them to discuss your important day. (not just saying it because they are a client) Seriously, if Carlsberg did wedding venues....

There's a good variety of different styles but all trying to capture the same all important subject.

The Fairlawns at Aldridge 1
The Fairlawns at Aldridge 2

Recent Commercial Work
Recent commercial work saw us work along side with the designers to produce a brochure for The Crusader Group. The Brochure was produced to display and highlight the companies services for the tender of a contract. Subsequently Crusader won the contract. I like to think we had an small part in contributing to this great news.

Below is an example of the 3 page brochure.

Recent Interior Commercial Work
March has been a quite a busy month for us. Various commercial work undertaken. below is some interior shots for a company that rents out apartments and rooms to people all over the world.

We are contracted to supply the company with photos for commercial advertising for properties all over the midlands, UK.

He are a few so far.

Father and Son
today we went to Hoo Farm - but the highlight of my day was this gorgeous picture taken by my wife, of me and Luca. priceless.

Luca''s first time playing in the snow.
Snow Sunday yey.......Luca''s first time he has seen snow.

Crazy Mom and Dad...........Check and double Check!!!!!!

Saturday Night Commercial Work
Nothing better than enjoying your Saturday night photographing a Monopoly board. No I'm serious, I couldn't lose! In fact it was impossible as it's monopoly with a twist.

This forms part of a brochure for an Health & Safety company. will post the final copy once designers have completed the work.

I think its a fantastic idea when you actually look at the board in detail :)

For more information regarding the work please give me a shout :)
Great British Seaside Martin Parr Style
Dont get us wrong we love Christmas, and the odd occasional frost or snow fall. However you cannot beat and lovely summers day! So with that in mind heres a few pics from a great British Seaside (Martin Parr style) taken earlier this year.

Quantum Construction LTD Autumn Event
As November has been a manic month we have decided to share a selection Novembers Commercial work. One of our favourite events was Quantums Construction's Autumn event at All Bar One located at Brindley Place, Birmingham.

Excellent night had by all, "free Bar" enough said. Food was good also :)

Busy November
We have had a really busy November here at Maddox Towers,which is always pleasing and November still isn't finished!

So here's a little taster of what we have achieved so far.

Part One

Part Two

Latest Published work - Boxing Roo's see link below
Epic Sunrise
Sunday am appox 04:00: Get up
Project: Get to Lake Vyrnwy in time for Sunrise
Location: Wales
Status: Complete
Comments: Epic.
Results: 1 Awesome epic photo and a lonely mushroom.

New glasses today!
Ok, Ok I know I'm getting old, when the optician states I really do need glasses. Oh well..and my wife says I look Swedish in them? Cant quite pin point, what determines me looking Swedish? At least it made me smile....

During my day out I managed to snap quite a moody shot of a tea bag..yes a tea bag but it was a thirst quenching brew whilst waiting for my "Swedish Frames"
Maddox's on Tour
Family Holiday 2011 Number 1 - Project Cornwall.
We spent a lovely week in Cornwall - Luca's first holiday and boy did he enjoy it :)
So much so, we thought we would add a few pictures to show you all how much fun we had.

first two days photos are up now :)

After a long day at work on Sunday I decided to make a picture to reflect my mood :) so I did and here it is!

On a happy and positive note! I still got loads of pics to edit and upload from Saturdays shoot.
Blackpool Zoo
Great news some of my red Kangaroo photos from Australia have now been published by Blackpool Zoo in their new "Wallabie Walkabout" section.

Visit the Heart 2009 Staffordshire Lanscape Winner.
I forgot to add that in November 2009 I won the "Visit the Heart" landscape competition for Staffordshire click the link to see my winning picture.